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Remarkable Resistance!

With the material which is far beyond Stiffer than other brands and the Unique Design, HOMURA Bench Press Shirt is like an energy gear that provides AMAZIMG RESISTANCE and IMPRESSIVE SUSTENANCE POWER!

The HOMURA Bench Press Shirt is the first Bench Press Shirt produced by Japan!

The Bench Press Shirt HOMURA was developed based on reviews from Top Japanese bench pressers with the following features below:


1. Outstanding Stiff Fabric

Unlike normal T-shirts, bench press shirts are made of extremely firm fabrics.

To generate the stronger sustenance power, we originally developed the fabric which is Conspicuously STIFFER than other brands.

Therefore, the HOMURA Bench Press Shirt creates more RESISTANCE and accumulates more STRENGTH than any other bench shirts!


2. Comfy Fitting

The collar part is Wider and Lower than other brands so that you won’t be bothered by the ridding up of the shirt and the high pressure to your neck.

Besides, without being bothered by the restriction of the collar part, you can keep your arch higher and concentrate more on your movement so that you are able to use your technics of raw bench and reach your best performance easier!


3. Tighter Sleeves

Compared with other Bench Press shirts, HOMURA has tighter sleeves so that you do not have to alter the size of sleeves much by yourselves! Therefore, the bench press shirt won’t be damaged much.

In addition, with the tighter sleeve design, it is able to distribute stress evenly around the sleeve base.

Therefore, you will feel more STABLE while benching; Especially at the Pushing Back Position!


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